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The World of Enlivened Silence

Music beyond the Laws of Causality

The origin of music lies in the enlivened silence. Music is someone’s very private message to his fellow men, from the silence of his heart and from the silence of his understanding – completely detached from the world of causality.

The Impulse of Lively Silence

Music originates from the inner freedom of man, from the deep silence of the human mind; it rises from the feeling towards the understanding assuming the form of sound, completely without any outer cause – without any perceivable outer purpose, just as a natural expression of the inner, enlivened silence at the depth of the human heart.

Music radiates this inner silence into the agitation of the outer world, retaining its expression of nature-given human freedom. Thus, music appears as freedom in the garment of harmony and enchants man for the world of pure beauty, for his own innermost perfect world, for truth.

Music on the Basis of Inner Alertness

Contrary to popular conception, music is not at all conceived to entice man to dreaming; rather it is created for increasing his inner cognition, provided the music itself has been created on the basis of inner alertness.

Freed from Space and Time: the Absolute “Now” in Music

The origin of creating, and so also of creating music, is where the absolute “Now” is experienced by man. It is where – detached from space and time and therefore freed from past, present and future – only his self-consciousness exists; the origin of creativity is where man realizes “I am,” without thinking about his past or his future.

The First Musical Thought

This first original thought of “I am,” which arises when man awakens, is the very first mental impulse of his individual existence in the absolute Now. And for the tone creator, too, this impulse of self-awareness is his first inner musical thought.