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The Core of Practising the Art of Music

Sovereignty over the Subatomic Field of Sound

In true classical music this fusion of space and time lies hidden deep within the subatomic field of sound – beneath the infinite, organized diversity of its integrated overtone-mechanics.

Therefore, mastery over the overtone-mechanics is the core of practising the art of music.

The Integrated, Dynamic System of Overtone Control

In the field of interpretation, too, an integrated, dynamic system is required to gain control over all the compositional parameters for the space-time fusion in the musical sound-space.

Only through a technology of overtone control ruled by higher consciousness the musician is capable of making audible a truly enlivened microcosm even in the acoustic space.

Unity of the Musical Creation in the Art of Sound

The inner process of creating music is not only analysis, but analysis and synthesis melted into one, and on the basis of this unity, music resounds in the mind of the musical creator.