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The Art of
Drawing Conclusions in Music

The Systematic-Logical Path through the Musical Orders

In the musical process of gaining knowledge the art of reasoning lies in the listener concluding from a level of lower musical knowledge to a level of higher musical knowledge – from a level of lower musical order to a level of higher musical order.
This process of gaining knowledge in music we also call the process of musical refinement – the process of transcending musical orders; and on the level of our mind we also call it generally the process of transcending.

The Knowledgeable Path to the Musical Meaning

The art of drawing conclusions in music systematically leads us listeners into the depth of the musical meaning.

By virtue of our faculty of logic, we conclude in a systematic process of knowing from the order of the tones, that resound in the musical sound-space, the inaudible motifs inherent in the tones.
These motifs stand to the tones in a similar relation as the mind, ruled by the soul, to the body.

We notice more and more clearly that in the musical sound-space the tones move on naturally ordered orbits.

Under the auspices of the harmony laws of the microcosm of music, or of the Creator or of Almighty Nature respectively, we gain here on the level of the absolute sound substance an ever deeper personal insight into how the neurophysiological processes in our body function naturally, which obviously are ruled by the universal harmony laws. Here, for the first time we personally meet “health”
We perceive more and more clearly that the tonal processes are not periodical, but that they are not simply non-periodical either, but that their change is meaningful, that they are related to each other.
And the corresponding we notice with our neurophysiological processes.

Musical Journey into the Force-Fields of the Motifs

And by examining with our awakening understanding these forces of a higher order, which seem to govern the musical tone-space from within, we finally recognize the force-fields of the motifs, and we perceive the motifs in the tonal frames as if in bodies.

We comprehend them with the same simple insight as we recognize the individual character that dwells in the body of a living being.

The Listener Perceives the Rulers over the Stars of Music
Our individual human forces in service of our health

In the course of the musical event, we gradually become more familiar with the forces of the musical motifs, for we realize how they move the tones as their celestial bodies in the firmament of music; and suddenly we discover in the motifs the natural individual forces of living beings illustrated – our own individual human forces.

That is, it are our individual human forces, which – under the auspices of the harmony laws of the microcosm of music, or of the Creator or of Almighty Nature respectively, – affect the function of our neurophysiology and take care of our body’s health.

The Play of Motifs

Also we notice that, as it unfolds in the melody, the musical motif not only rules those tones that directly surround it – that it is not concerned with its own body alone; but we realize that the motif also plays with the tones of other motifs.
Indeed, eventually we even discover a direct individual interplay between the motifs themselves.

The Individual Forces of Music

At this moment of our process of gaining knowledge in music, we listeners have already left the material-physical world of the musical sound-space – and in doings have withdrawn our attention from our cosmic neurophysiological processes.
Our focus is now mainly on the inaudible, yet so powerful individual forces of the motifs – our cosmic inner-human forces.

The Musical Journey to the Force-Fields of the Sequences

And step by step, by focussing more and more on the musical play of these motif forces among themselves, and by discovering in it the interplay of individuals in general – our own interplay with the individuals around us – we finally realize that we ourselves are described in more and more motifs, those musical descriptions of individual human forces.

The Social Sphere of Life within the Musical Sound-Space

Eventually, we reach a point where we can no longer distinguish whether we associate only with this motif or also with that motif – with these or with those forces of our individual unfoldment. Then we find ourselves in the polyphony, walking many ways of individual unfoldment simultaneously, thus advancing into the musical force-fields of the sequences – into the world of our natural social abilities.
Just as a mother or a father see themselves unfolded in their children, we now see ourselves pictured with our very personal inner-human cosmic qualities in the many musical unfoldments of the motifs.